Exhibition: Horizons Lointains

From 25/06 to 25/07/2021, daily between 2 pm and 6.30 pm.

Yann Letestu’s paintings are steeped in intense nostalgia. As a child, he made an unusual journey with his family: the journey was indeed, unique with a crossing of the Atlantic by sailing, from Marseilles to Venezuela.

This experience impressed him deeply and deeply, so much so that his works today, recount in a sober melancholy way the nostalgia of the traveler, torn between the farewell and the call of the journey. Nothing could better symbolize this feeling than a ship that weighs anchor: this fleeting moment that the loved ones left at the dock still regret for a long time, is reflected in the delicate shades of grey-blue colouring its paintings.

Yann Letestu gives free rein to the dreams of travel and the individual fantasies of each one. As an observer of his motives, one involuntarily takes the path of unknown lands or sits, at least mentally, on suitcases ready and ends up taking the wide at his side. The blurred horizons always introduce an incalculable uncertainty in the search for our destination, one or the other element mysteriously disappearing into the mist. This is precisely where the intrigue of his marvellous pictorial language lies: in the contradiction between departure and stay, between discovery and return. It is surely no accident that his gallery in Marseille is on the Old Port, as if he was always ready to leave for far horizons.

From 25/06 to 25/07/2021, daily between 2 pm and 6.30 pm.


Free access.


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