Exposition Monumentale à ciel ouvert - Antoine Dufilho

From 24/05 to 15/11/2024, daily.

Immerse yourself in an immersive artistic experience right in the heart of Sainte-Maxime with the open-air exhibition showcasing the bold talent of Antoine Dufilho.

The DNA of an artist...

It is by being aware of his roots that a man can grow. Antoine Dufilho knows his roots, and they lie in art and medicine. His work proves it.

As a child, Antoine Dufilho was introduced to the visual arts by his great-uncle, an actor, painter and sculptor. Later, studying medicine enabled him to discover human mechanics. After three years, he realised that this path prevented him from expressing his boundless creativity, while at the same time teaching him rigour.

He went on to study architecture, which led him to a new approach to sculpture. In particular, he developed a passion for working with frameworks, which, once exposed, reveal a succession of fullness and emptiness, bringing lightness and dynamism to the overall form.

A graduate of the Lille School of Architecture and Landscape Design, he built his studio from scratch in the Lille countryside, using sea containers, in which he creates all his works. Antoine Dufilho is self-taught, experimenting with different techniques such as moulding and welding to gradually build up the aesthetics of his art. He began to devote himself fully to his art in 2012, developing it over time and according to his inspiration.

Each work exhibited is the fruit of an evolutionary process, in which the artist's aesthetic is gradually shaped.

As you wander through this urban exhibition, let yourself be transported by Dufilho's boundless creativity, which transcends the boundaries of traditional art to offer a captivating and inspiring visual experience.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover the work of a burgeoning artist, who is leaving an indelible mark on Sainte-Maxime's cultural landscape for the duration of the exhibition.

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From 24/05 to 15/11/2024, daily.


Free access.


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