New circus: Backbone

Friday 8 April 2022 at 8.30 pm.

Considered the child prodigy of the circus of tomorrow, Gravity & Other Myths insolently reinvents the acrobatic carriage. On the program: human pyramids, aerobatics, swing, acrobatics on the ground and in the air, all done with two, four, six… people. Virtuosity, commitment, inventiveness and the pleasure of being together on stage are their key words. Get ready, G.O.M. Company will turn the Square upside down!

Breathtaking acrobatics, unsurpassed energy and irresistible charm make the reputation of this incomparable company. In an uninterrupted movement of incredible acrobatics, young artists defying gravity explode the limits of the human body.

Trained in Australia in Adelaide in 2009, G.O.M. has since toured the world with several troupe shows. Her work focuses on human relations and acrobatic excellence. Her creations are strong, bold and innovative, the result of her collective way of working and reflect the personalities that make her up. The spine, backbone in English, is at the heart of the show, where everything is about strength: what is strength? Where does it come from? How can it be measured? What are its physical, emotional, individual and collective limitations?

With ten circassians and two live musicians on stage, Backbone questions the limits of the body and tests the trust in the other and in the collective. Here, no makeup, no decor. Everything is deliberately chosen, right down to the laser light beams, to show the raw force, the effort in its purest form. Sealed by an obvious and communicative complicity, the artists chain perilous jumps, blind pyramids, human throws, balances and other extreme acrobatic figures. An infinitely human, generous, living and organic spectacle.

Gravity and Other Myths.