Balade aquatique à la Pointe des Sardinaux

Friday 15 July 2022.

Discover the Sardinaux marine trail accompanied by the scientists and nature animators of the Marine Observatory.
The trail will allow you to discover from the surface this unknown richness that represents the posidonia herbaria, the garden of anemones, accompanied by octopus, girelles and starfish… And many other riches!

Meeting place: at the entrance of the Pointe des Sardinaux 15 minutes before the start of the water walk.

Time of the water walk: 1h30 approx.

Plan: mask, tuba (no loan of equipment), sunscreen, water bottle, snacks.

Minor children are placed under the responsibility of their parents and will not be accepted alone.

For younger or more sensitive participants, a pair of fins and thermal protection can be provided.