Meet cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary

Awareness raising measures, protection of marine species, human help... The Pelagos Sanctuary implements various actions in order to preserve marine mammals in the Mediterranean Sea. NEW : excursion to the discovery of cetaceans !

The Pelagos Sanctuary, a common area of protection and special attention for marine mammals in the Mediterranean Sea.

The goals

Spread over an area of 87 500 m², the Pelagos Sanctuary aims to "protect marine mammals and their environment" from all causes of disturbance. Management measures have been adopted by France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco.

The commitments of the township of Sainte-Maxime

Sainte-Maxime pays particular attention to the matter of environmental protection and the sustainability of the presence of marine mammals in the Mediterranean Sea. Since May 31, 2011, the City has signed the Pelagos Partnership code of ethics.

It is committed to seeking the least impactful solution for these animals in its management or planning decisions. The town of Sainte-Maxime promotes "educational and information activities" on its territory and "disseminates information" on and to the Pelagos Sanctuary. In addition, it contributes to "minimizing impact activities" on marine mammals and to "relaying information on potential strandings of cetaceans or other marine species" that may occur on its territory.

Fancy a day trip to meet cetaceans ?

Go for a unforgettable outing with The Bateaux Verts to discover the cetaceans that populate the Mediterranean. Bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, sperm whales, dolphins, whales may come to visit us. You will enjoy the knowledge of our guide who will accompany you throughout this boat trip. A snack will be offered aboard.

Excursions every Sunday mornings from July 1 to September 2.

Adult : 57 €
4 to 12 y.o. : 45 €
Reservation at the Tourist Office or online.

The main species found in the sanctuary

Cetaceans are the only marine mammals of the Pelagos Sanctuary. Among them, eight species are oftentimes observed :

Fin whale - Balaenoptera physalus
Length : 22 meters - Weight : 70 tons - Life expectancy : 80 years

Sperm whale - Physeter macrocephalus
Length : 18 meters - Weight : 40 tons - Life expectancy : 80 years

Ziphius or Cuvier’s beaked whale - Ziphius cavirostris
Length : 6 meters - Weight : 2 to 3 tons - Life expectancy : 60 years

Black pilot whale - Globicephala mela
Length : 6 meters - Weight : 2 to 3 tons - Life expectancy : 60 years

Risso’s dolphin or Grampus - Grampus griseus
Length : 4 meters - Weight : 400 kg - Life expectancy : 50 years

Bottlenose dolphin or Tursiops - Tursiops truncatus
Length : 3.5 meters - Weight : 300 kg - Life expectancy : 50 years

Common dolphin - Delphinus delphis
Length : 2.3 meters - Weight : 130 kg - Life expectancy : 30 years

Blue & white dolphin - Stenella coeruleoalba
Length : 2.2 meters - Weight : 120 kg - Life expectancy : 40 years

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