The treasure hunt

The treasure hunt throughout the old town center allows to create a gathering moment to share by exploring or rediscovering traditions and emblematic sites of the destination.

The little story

Hello, I am Irene the mermaid, I live off the coast of Sainte-Maxime and I am the new friend of Lulu the turtle and Leon the fish.

A long time ago, during the Roaring Twenties, I discovered the town of Sainte-Maxime. As I have the great privilege to walk in order to find land, I then specifically chose this wonderful area to stroll secretly.

One spring day, when I thought I was hiding, a young sailor was bewitched by my song. He spent all his life trying to find me and had a palace built to honor me.

Since then, I pay particular attention to hide well. Along your path, you will discover hints that will let you know where I rather hide when the pirates will be back, pay attention, it is a secret…

>> The 5 letters will make a word and Irene the mermaid wants to pass it on to you. Then you will get a well-earned reward.

Good luck !!

Treasure hunt map (EN & DE)