Créa-conte : Au fil de l'histoire

Folding tale "Swan Lake made of paper".

When the PRELJOCAJ Ballet comes to the Carré on Saturday 22 January, it will revisit Swan Lake, a ballet that is a must in the history of dance.

The Médiathèque will take up the German legend, The stolen veil, the starting point for the libretto of this great classical ballet, to enter into a real fairy tale around the lake...

Going back to the sources of this mythical ballet, the librarians of the Médiathèque propose to children aged 6 and over to imagine their own Swan Lake from an origami workshop.

In an atmosphere where music and dance meet, princes, princesses, white swans, black swans, wizards... become the stuff of dreams, of creation... it's up to each of you to imagine the characters who could inhabit this ballet.

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