Atelier créatif : conte à plier / conte à découper


ONCE UPON A TIME, a CREATOR-TALE is made of paper that makes you a sorcerer’s apprentice or a mischievous fairy… “Cuts and sticks cupboard, cauldron, bottles… With a touch of imagination, draw the ingredients and slip them into the bottles and the small pouch. It’s up to you! Mix the ingredients in the cauldron and write your magic potion recipes in the notebook». It is the voice of magic that animates this workshop alongside «THE FOREST IN PAPER».

It’s all about potions, potions, brews to cook in a magical cauldron of paper. A cauldron in pop-up, extraordinary ingredients, to become the master or mistress of potions and let yourself be bewitched by the world of tales. A workshop accompanied by a selection of books whose sorcerers and witches are the heroes.