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The principle of cryotherapy is simple: it consists in exposing the patient in a chamber at a very low temperature for a few minutes in order to create a thermal shock and trigger by the body, and quite naturally, a whole range of favourable metabolic processes (analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, etc.).

The Whole Body Cryotherapy (ECC) chambers are fully electric and do not use gases. They are offered in the form of one or more rooms (with progressive temperature). In these chambers, the body and the head are fully exposed and thermal shock interests the whole body in a perfectly homogeneous way. This is the type of chamber used in our KINECRYO® centres.
The sessions last on average between 1mn30 (time needed to activate the thermal shock at -110°) and 3mn with the permanent presence of the practitioner in front of you.

The main therapeutic indications recognized today are:
RHEUMATOLOGY: chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis +++, spondylitis, ankilotants +++, fibromyalgia +++, arthritis, osteoarthritis (knee, hip, etc.), algodystrophy, low back pain, back pain, etc.
NEUROLOGY: Multiple sclerosis +++, proprioception disorders, cognitive disorders
TRAUMATOLOGY:muscular contractures (DOMS) ++, muscle injury (strokes, edema, etc.), sprains, elongation, muscle tear, strain, tendonitis +++
DERMATOLOGY: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic eczema, erythroderma, Lichen Plan, acne
PSYCHOLOGY - PSYCHIATRY: anxiety and stress disorders, SLEEP +++, migraines

The main indications of well-being
The thermal shock created by a few minutes of exposure in the whole body cryotherapy chamber releases a whole set of molecules into the body, including dopamine, serotonin and melatonin molecules. The release of endorphins certainly explains the feeling of fullness and relaxation usually felt after a cryotherapy session.

The main indications in aesthetics
The effects of whole-body cryotherapy in terms of aesthetics are still little known but we can nevertheless highlight some induced effects on the following points: likely due to collagen production stimulation, increased metabolism (a 3 min ECC cryotherapy session results in energy consumption of about 600 to 800 calories) which activates biological regeneration and stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The main indications in sport
Initially designed for its therapeutic indications, the whole body cryotherapy chambers principle quickly interested the high-level sports community for its therapeutic effects (analgesics and anti-inflammatories) but also for its influence on athletes' performance.

Dates | Opening

From 01/01 to 31/12/2023 Opening hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9 am and 7.30 pm.


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