Piscine L'Archipel Sainte-Maxime

We look forward to welcoming you to our renovated facilities to enjoy your favourite activities.


Baby swimmers: discovery of the aquatic environment from 4 months to 3 years old, in an adapted and playful environment, accompanied by the parents. The objective is the educational and emotional development of the parent/child/water relationship, through the psychomotor and social development of the baby.

Discovery: discovery and apprehension of the aquatic environment accompanied by a professional.

Learning: lessons of several swimming techniques to be safe in the water, with a pedagogical and soft approach, adapted to aquatic ease while progressing rapidly in learning to swim.

Perfecting: after learning the basics, perfecting improves swimming and diving techniques, which favours, among other things, the flexibility of the joints as well as one's inner well-being and self-confidence.

Children - Inflatable course: available for children on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons; this is a free course on the 25m pool which will delight your children.

Adults :
- Aquagym: an excellent way to combine the pleasure of the pool with a sporting activity, enjoy all the physical and moral benefits of Aquagym, to music.
- Aqua Tonic : complete aquatic training without accessories and without impact, which allows you to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance in a very playful way.
- Aqua fitness: allows you to tone your muscles in the water and to music, trained by a sports coach.
- Aqua paddle : Aquapaddle is a new activity practiced in the 25m pool, which consists in working your muscles and your balance.
- Aqua training: a very complete physical activity which combines pleasure, muscular and cardiovascular work. The courses are in the form of thematic workshops.
- Aqua biking: a cycling course practised in the water and to music, Aquabike allows you to increase your cardiovascular capacity while toning the muscles involved in the exercise.
- Aqua Softbiking: the same principle as Aquabike, adapted to a less intense rhythm.

- Sauna and Hammam: ideal for relaxing after a sporting activity or a day's work; unwind with the dry heat of the sauna, or the wet heat of the Hammam.
- Jacuzzi: get rid of stress by enjoying a massaging bubble bath.
- Sensory showers: stimulate your senses with the well-being and relaxation of a sensory shower.
- Zen space: After a hectic class, relax in the subdued atmosphere of the Zen space.

Schedules, prices and reservations for the various activities are available on the website www.larchipelsaintemaxime.fr