Cultural getaway
in Sainte-Maxime

A getaway by foot or with the tourist mini-train to the discovery of a rich heritage, between modern architectures, Provençal style or Art Deco. Sainte-Maxime offers a wide range of cultural activities : guided tours, museums or beautiful exhibitions !

Exploring heritage and architecture

At the heart of a Riviera rich in grand hotels and bourgeois residences, Sainte-Maxime has gradually transformed into an elegant seaside resort, polishing a style of its own.

After World War I and the growth of winter tourism, large fortunes commissioned beautiful villas to architects of talent such René Darde or Henri Bret.

The quality of this heritage secured Sainte-Maxime the attribution of the label « Patrimoine du XXe siècle ». This exceptional heritage, between modern architecture, Provençal style and Art Deco unveils numerous achievements that testify an architecture specific to Sainte-Maxime.


What a pleasure to have a walk in Sainte-Maxime discovering the cobbled streets of the old town, art galleries, museums, guardians of the history of Sainte-Maxime. 4 walking tours to discover the architectural treasures that dots the town !


A decor and an authentic atmosphere to discover through a train break. A unique journey that will take you on the heights of Sainte-Maxime with the promise of a beautiful view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

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« Sainte-Maxime during the Belle Epoque »
Come discover the architectural heritage dating from the Belle Epoque by following our guide ! Following the tourist growth of the region in the 19th century, wealthy winterers had villas built and the architects rivaled each other to satisfy the demands of this clientele.

« Sainte-Maxime Past and Present »
Explore Sainte-Maxime, through its history, its heritage, through its pathways and its monuments... A guide will share his knowledge, his passion and will tell you about Sainte-Maxime from past to present.

Prices :
* adults : 5€
* children from 8 to 12 y.o. : 3€
* free under 8 y.o.
(See the general conditions of sales from the Ticket Office)
Booking at the Ticket Office of Tourist Office.

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The discovery of arts and local traditions


The Provençal costume which dates back from the 19th century is often described in the public notaries offices and more specifically in the wedding contracts where the bride’s trousseau value is detailed.

Despite its wealth and diversity, the garment has strict rules, established by custom and tradition. Each village is distinguished by distinctive characteristics, the costume conform to a strong social codification, whether peasant or bourgeois.

For each season, there is a workwear, often functional, which can be improved by other elements on celebration days. Finally, the costume varies according to age.

And in order to admire them, you can visit the Tour Carrée Museum !


Museum of local traditions La Tour Carrée
In a historic setting dating back to 1520, the museum is devoted to local traditions, folklore and houses Provençal costumes, objects relating to history, crafts, fishing…
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Gramophone and Mechanical Music Museum
This amazing museum presents a unique collection in Europe of more than 300 instruments composed of music boxes, gramophone, musical machines and barrel organs.
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Jean Portal Gallery
Numerous exhibitions mixing diversity and originality, world’s art, contemporary art and local traditions.
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Atelier May B
Observe unusual objects, oddities, see the simplicity of French designed furniture and be imersed by oil painting...
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Galerie Regard by Côté Jardin restaurant
Lead towards modern and contemporary art, the Galerie Regard invites you to admire works by world-renowned painters and sculptors and young and accomplished artists.
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