" Petanque: more than a game, it’s a sport!

No... More than a sport, it is a way of life! »

Typically Provençal, Petanque is played at any time, in triplettes, doublettes or head to head (respectively by teams of three, two or one against one). In triplette, each player has two boules. In the other configurations, each player has three boules.
To play? Simply arm yourself with your triplette (set of three pétanque balls) and a cochonnet and get started!

A real gathering sport, young and old, beginners and professionals alike, meet on Sainte-Maxime’s boulodromes with only one question on their minds: "so do you shoot or do you point?"

Did you know that?

Petanque comes from the Provençal "Ped Tanco" which means "tanned feet".

The aim of the game:

Score points by throwing your balls closer to the "cork" than your opponent. The team that scores the first 13 points wins the game. The jack must be between 6 and 10 metres from the throwing circle.

Beware of those who are about to "do Fanny"! This is the shame of the pétanque player, accompanied by a pledge, an old tradition that any Maximois will be happy to explain to you on the pitch!

Addresses of boulodromes in Sainte-Maxime :

  Boulodrome du Prince Bertil, on the Promenade A. Simon-Lorière
  Boulodrome of the Place Jean Mermoz