The Covered Market

"The Covered Market, an experience that awakens the senses every day..."

When you go to the covered market of Sainte-Maxime, it’s much more than a simple stroll; it’s an atmosphere, local products and producers who love their products above all else, scents, meetings...

To soak up all this typically southern atmosphere, you have to live it!

Sense of smell

Even before entering the halls, various scents already reach us on the steps of the covered market: roasted chickens, spices, flowers, fruits, hmmmmm... Your mouth is starting to water!

The sight

As soon as you walk through the door, however, there is a veritable explosion of colour! Red, orange, yellow, green, pink... all the colours are there, on the stalls, in the form of flowers, spices, fruits, vegetables, even in the butchery and fish department, we are surprised to salivate just looking at these beautiful products and Provencal specialities...

The taste

Let’s talk about taste! Many local specialities compete for the leading role at all the stands. The olive, star of many of them, is found in the form of oil, tapenade, stuffed with peppers, anchovies, can be tasted directly at the counter accompanied by a glass of pastis or at home in addition to spreads made with local products...

To continue the meal, fresh fish and shellfish of the day, meat ready to be put on your barbecue, spices to season all these good things!

Salty food, but not only! Pastries, local honey, jam, pastries...

That’s right! It’s a taste buds’ paradise here!

The touch

In front of such stalls, it is hard to resist the irrepressible urge to take these beautiful fruits and vegetables by hand, but beware of the crab still alive in its aquarium!

The hearing

Aahhh... It’s so nice to be in the covered market. We are in full immersion in the middle of the locals with their singing southern accent! Everyone knows each other, everyone talks to each other and we discuss the latest news from Sainte-Maxime.

For even more markets

The covered market of Sainte-Maxime is a real concentrate of the local effervescence, located near the Place du Marché with its pretty fountain, it will take you only a few minutes on foot from the seaside to visit it.

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