The villages of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

When you think of the "Gulf of Saint-Tropez", what comes to mind ? Obviously Saint-Tropez... But think again ! This gulf is made up of 12 towns and villages, each with its own charm...}

To discover them, we propose a short tour in the form of an itinerary.

On the way to Saint-Tropez, you can find pretty villages full of charm such as Grimaud, Gassin, Cogolin or Ramatuelle, accessible by long roads along the vineyards on the beach side, and in the countryside for its town centre.


The village of Grimaud, consisting of its medieval town and its lakeside city, can surprise many ! Travel back in time by visiting the ruins of the feudal castle. A magnificent panorama on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is also offered to you.
Also enjoy its lakeside town, known as Port-Grimaud or rather "La Venise Provençale", which will amaze you with its originality and its various canals giving free access to small boats.
Did you know that ?
In the past, this gulf was called "Golfe de Grimaud" (until the end of the 19th century).
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Stroll through the pretty streets of Cogolin which offer you a different landscape with an unobstructed view of the marines of Cogolin, this very singular port with its docks with large capacities.
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As one of the most beautiful villages in France, the village of Gassin offers you the opportunity to climb the flowery streets, with their pastel-coloured walls, to enjoy an exceptional panorama over the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Massif des Maures.
Suggestion !
Enjoy a Côte de Provence on one of the village’s restaurant terraces
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Before arriving at your destination, the road to Ramatuelle offers a totally different view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez through its long wide roads surrounded by vineyards and forest, making the area unique. Cap Camarat and Cap Taillat are also classified among the most beautiful sites in the Mediterranean, as they are home to exceptional flora and fauna. It would be a pity not to think of stopping off at Pampelonne beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.
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You have finally arrived at the long-awaited and much sought-after destination of Saint-Tropez. In this area, the Tropezian madness is very present, notably through its imposing port, its numerous bars and restaurants, but also its legendary nightclubs with names known throughout the world !
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We hope that this first itinerary has given you the desire to discover the surroundings of Sainte-Maxime...
But the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is also full of other pleasant spots !

By taking a few detours along the paths, you can discover the other communes that make up the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Le Plan de la Tour

By venturing to the side of Plan de La Tour, we promise you an immersion in a charming village which is located inland and where horseback riding is a regular activity. Prepare to be fully immersed in the air of Provence ! This beautiful location is home to the former estate of Hollywood star Johnny Depp and French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis.
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La Garde Freinet

Fancy a slightly different walk ? The commune of la Garde-Freinet promises you some nice surprises ! With the presence of numerous footpaths in the vicinity, as well as the GR9, all hiking fans can meet and share simple moments surrounded by wild nature.
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La Môle

Talking about hikes, we advise you to make a small diversions to La Môle, which offers hikes starting from the Barrage de la Verne. At the end of the walk you will find a magnificent building dating from the 17th century. This original walk will allow you to enjoy with your family or friends moments of sharing with nature but also to discover the architecture of the time.
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With 80% of its territory wooded, the commune of Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer offers a rather diversified landscape. With its creeks, numerous Mediterranean properties and close proximity to Le Lavandou, the commune of Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer will create envy. It is however inconceivable to go to this commune without visiting the Domaine du Rayol which is a collection of sumptuous residences surrounded by vast and luxuriously arranged gardens.
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A little bit of history ! In the village of Cavalaire-sur-Mer a huge wine estate from Roman times has been discovered, it would be interesting to make a diversion there to learn more ! Alternatively, take a break on the beautiful 3 km long beach and enjoy a delicious ice cream !
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La Croix-Valmer

Let’s finish with a slightly more exotic side. Are you in the mood for wine or rosé ? The Château de Chausse based in la Croix-Valmer invites you to taste their production. Relax in this perfect Provencal setting and exceptional natural environment. Or choose instead to bask in the sun at the tip of this commune, at the Cap Lardier, which is an exceptional place.
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