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The main tabs on our website “We like, we live, we share” bring our love of Sainte-Maxime to the international standing. More than a dynamic and modern menu, it mentions our values and describes in a few words all that Sainte-Maxime can bring to its visitors but also to its inhabitants.

How does it work ? Let us explain in a few words…

WE LIKE Sainte-Maxime
Discover the must-see, learn our traditions and discover the secrets of our city on guided tours, or simply through nice walks… Everything you need to discover on our little paradise like a real Sainte-Maxime inhabitant ! Taste and live the South !

WE LIVE Sainte-Maxime
Sainte-Maxime, with all the charm that we know her, is to discover, but above all to LIVE ! Here we share all the good tips, useful information, and you will find the directory of shops, restaurants, accommodations and activities not to be missed !

WE SHARE Sainte-Maxime
In Sainte-Maxime, we have more events than there are days in a year ! Don’t you believe us ?! However this is the truth, and you can check it on our website, by discovering all our agenda ! Many free events for all the family, concerts, fairs, and quality shows throughout the year !