The treasure hunt

The treasure hunt through the old town allows you to create a moment of exchange and complicity with your family while discovering or rediscovering the traditions and the important sites of the destination.

The little story

Hello friends,

I am Leon the fish, I live off Sainte-Maxime in the protected area of the Pelagos sanctuary with Lulu the sea turtle and many other friends.

This year Lulu became a mother. She laid 6 eggs on the sand of the downtown beach. All the eggs have hatched so she has 6 baby turtles to look after ! Lulu has a lot of work to do, especially since the first egg hatched Lilou, the little turtle who makes a lot of mistakes.

Today she came out of the water to do a trampoline and jumped so high that she disappeared ! Roland the seagull was returning from his morning walk from the Pointe des Sardinaux and saw her in the sky. He reported to me that she was jumping from tree to tree as if on a trampoline !

Please help us find her as her parents are very worried.

If you succeed you will get a reward !

Roland the Gull has sent us a treasure map to help us find it. At each point on the map where he passed, you have to find a hidden letter. Look carefully and write the letter in your notebook.

Good luck !